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Additional Services

  • Rain-X $5.00
  • Premium Clear Coat Protectant 3.50
  • Premium Clear Coat Conditioners 6.00
  • Wheel Brightener 3.00
  • Tire Shine 3.00
  • Floor Mat Shampoo 15.00
  • Dashboard & Console Dressing 5.00
  • Under Carriage Wash 2.00
  • Under Carriage Wash w/Rust Inhibitor 3.00
  • Trunk Vacuuming (must be empty & open) 1.00
  • Air Freshener Spray 1.00
  • Plastic/Rubber Floor Mats 2.00

Extra Cost Vehicles (add to any package)

  • Vans, MPVs & Stretch Limos add 2.50
  • Large Vans, Suburbans, Etc. add 3.00
  • Extra Dirty (hand cleaning) add 4.00
  • Double dirty, double the rate add 8.00
  • Monster Cars add 8.00

Special Splash! Packages:

  • Lube & Oil Change $32.00
  • Express Splash! Wax, includes a “Splash! Wash”, Wheel Bright and a hand wax and buffing. $57.00
  • Express Detail, includes the Express Splash! Wax plus an extended dash and console dressing service. $65.00

Apply for our SPLASH! PASS and get:

  • Buy 10, get one Splash! Wash FREE!
  • Free “Splash! Wash” on your Birthday!